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Typically, I try not to pick favorites. However, the Digg re-design broke everything about the site that I liked, namely, the common user submitting content. With Digg v4, the front page is now full of stuff that I don’t care about. It basically became a RSS aggregator for the most popular websites. I recently decided to venture into Reddit land, and boy was I surprised.

[10 Item List title1=”They do nice things” reason1=”Just look at this! Or this!” title2=”Better discussion” reason2=”Besides being funny, comments are often insightful.” title3=”Anyone’s submissions have a chance” reason3=”Unlike Digg, I actually have a chance to make the FP.” title4=”Admins are hands-on” reason4=”I see admins participate often on Reddit.” title5=”Digg is killing user-generated submissions” reason5=”RSS feed submissions are spamming Digg to hell.” title6=”Ability to easily hide topics” reason6=”If you hate politics, you can hide that Reddit.” title7=”There are Reddits I care about” reason7=”A TF2 Reddit! Awesome!” title8=”They change up the logo” reason8=”Check these bad boys out!” title9=”Fewer ads” reason9=”Advertisements aren’t being shoved down my throat.” title10=”It’s usually there first” reason10=”The next popular thing usually shows up on Reddit.”]

If you can’t tell, I am now an ex Digg user and new Reddit convert.

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