V14: “Clouds” a.k.a. Make it LIGHTER!

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I know that I’ve had this design iteration of my blog up for quite some time, but I never really considered it complete. In fact, I still don’t think it’s optimal, but it’s about time I post about it anyway.

Unlike the last design, the colour scheme here is dominantly white and cyan. This time around I really wanted to show that I wasn’t all dark and suicidal. That scares people away. What the lighter colours do here is invite people to come in and read (hence the dark text on white background). If you’re complaining that it makes your eyes bleed, then that’s your fault. Turn on some [more] lights and sit farther away from the monitor – you’re mutilating your eyes (glasses/contact user, here) by not doing so.

To expound a bit, this theme was derived, code-wise, from the stock TwentyTen WordPress theme. It’s a great base to build upon, despite the somewhat messy CSS. Regardless, the code is simple and it’s easy to implement your own uniqueness. As far as design, I can say it was partially based on my previous Cloudy design. I ended up spending a lot more time on this than I really thought I would.

In the end, the result is passable and I can be proud of it. Just recently I added the recent work slider and tweaked some inconsistencies in the sidebar. I still have a long list of things to either add or change, and I look forward to checking off items as the year goes on (time permitting).

As a tradition, I like to share the song that was the driving force of my inspiration and motivation to work on this, because music really is powerful! This is a great track!

[YouTube Video id=”C1p8HlgoRHE”]

To close: I’d just like to point out that every time I re-design something, it is a sign that my design or development skills and tastes are evolving. By re-working something, I am able to take what I had learned previously making the theme and apply it alongside my new found skills and tastes.

“Prairie Sky” by Jesse Therrien (source)

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