Redirect WordPress Posts from an Old Domain

Recently I had a problem when I moved my blog from to I had far too many links on other sites that still looked like, and wouldn’t redirect to the new blog’s location. I wouldn’t even know where to start if I had to change all of those. Instead, I threw together […]

Version 13

Woop, new site design. How exciting. The only reason why I’m writing this is so that I can test the said design to the fullest extent. I might as well elaborate on some things in the process. As you may know, this is based upon the wonderful WordPress application and a heavily modified P2 theme. […]

ANOTHER new blog

Yeah, first I was on, then moved to this site with the FlatPress blog (which is still good if you don’t have MySQL), and then back to WordPress once I created some MySQL databases. I like WP more because of all the features and add-ons. Hopefully you will too, and I’ll be adding/modding things […]