Why EvilChicken Failed

It began as a good idea, and a month later the ball was rolling. Max, Alec, Cameron, and I were going to collaborate on combining their majorly active sites into one large one. Several hundred thousands of visits a month was the plan, and we actually reached those numbers it in the month of  May. […]

Forum Downtime

Why is the forum down? It’s down because I accidentally deleted the directory that the forum database was in… A forum database is where all the information for the forum is stored. Posts, settings, etc. What’s worse is that I didn’t have a backup of the database (because it was a SQLite database), and the […]

ANOTHER new blog

Yeah, first I was on fantikerz.wordpress.com, then moved to this site with the FlatPress blog (which is still good if you don’t have MySQL), and then back to WordPress once I created some MySQL databases. I like WP more because of all the features and add-ons. Hopefully you will too, and I’ll be adding/modding things […]