Canceled my Amazon order when they pushed it back another week. Went to Costco and got one in 30 minutes. Bask in its glory! The blurry photos! They do it no justice!

Version 13

Woop, new site design. How exciting. The only reason why I’m writing this is so that I can test the said design to the fullest extent. I might as well elaborate on some things in the process. As you may know, this is based upon the wonderful WordPress application and a heavily modified P2 theme. […]

Yet ANOTHER Site Re-Design

    I know, I’ve already completely re-vamped the site this week, but I was really hating that black and gray theme I had going on, so I came up with a new one. Some things still don’t fit (the navigation buttons and the links at the bottom of the page for example), but I’ll change […]

Next RSMV: Harder to Breathe

Yea, the song is Harder to Breathe, by Maroon 5. Some people out there absolutely hate Maroon 5 with a passion, and I don’t really understand why. I mean, their music is good, depending on what mood you’re in. The same thing goes for Fallout Boy, only because their songs are sort’ve catchy. Their lyrics […]

4,000 Subscribers

    Thanks everyone for your suppourt, despite my video-making standstill… I really didn’t think I would ever gain people’s interest in my videos, or even this quickly. Back in September, I thought, by this time in March, that I would have, at most, 1,000 subscribers.