UPDATED: Always have a Contract – My Story of Getting Screwed by MyRuneLog

8/27/11 Update: Harley has posted a rebuttal. I reciprocated. Read here. Harley “Ability44” Dishon seemed like a decent fellow human. He was introduced to me via a mutual friend quite a while ago and was in the market for some web development work. While he didn’t quite have a clear cut goal yet, he was […]

Stuff I Bought from the 2011 Steam Summer Sale

I’ll try and update this every day until the 10th. Just a fun list. I’ll try and rationalize each purchase just so I don’t buy every game I see in the lust that always seems to ensue from a Steam sale. Purchased (descending by most recent): Frozen Synapse: Soundtrack Edition [2 pack] ($15 – saved […]