V14: “Clouds” a.k.a. Make it LIGHTER!

I know that I’ve had this design iteration of my blog up for quite some time, but I never really considered it complete. In fact, I still don’t think it’s optimal, but it’s about time I post about it anyway. Unlike the last design, the colour scheme here is dominantly white and cyan. This time […]

Redirect WordPress Posts from an Old Domain

Recently I had a problem when I moved my blog from blog.fantikerz.com to fantikerz.com. I had far too many links on other sites that still looked like http://blog.fantikerz.com/?p=261, and wouldn’t redirect to the new blog’s location. I wouldn’t even know where to start if I had to change all of those. Instead, I threw together […]

ANOTHER new blog

Yeah, first I was on fantikerz.wordpress.com, then moved to this site with the FlatPress blog (which is still good if you don’t have MySQL), and then back to WordPress once I created some MySQL databases. I like WP more because of all the features and add-ons. Hopefully you will too, and I’ll be adding/modding things […]