ATB’s Greatest Hits, At Least According to Me

Other than BT, ATB is one of my all time favorite artists and DJs. Last month he released a new album and I found myself going back through his discog listening to songs I haven’t heard in ages. Since 1999 he’s introduced countless people (including me) to trance and house, creating several classics along the […]

Trap Music Sampler

So here’s a carefully crafted playlist that aims to introduce EDM fans to the trap sub-genre. Most of it is heavy on the vocals and quite mellow, saving the heavier party-style trap for another playlist.

PSA: Spam emails are currently spoofing my domain

If you happen to be visiting to investigate why spam is coming from this domain, please don’t be angry with me! This domain was unluckily selected by some shady spammers to be used to send spam. No actual spam is coming from this webserver nor the servers that my MX records point to. The only […]

Why Battlefield 3 > Modern Warfare 3

This is me speaking as someone who played the Battlefield 3 alpha and beta trials, in addition to owning all of the previous Call of Duty games on the PC. This may read as a bit of a rant but I’ll try to stick to laying down the facts. I could go on for paragraphs, […]

Songs of the Moment – Week of Oct. 16

Let’s bring some class this week. All of these come from the excellent Hôtel Costes compilation albums. 1. Morten Varano – Dead End Street (Trentemøller remix) Gets interesting around 0:00. [YouTube Video id=”x64BhdAHPQA”] 2. Karuan – Chocolate Distance Gets interesting around 1:18. [YouTube Video id=”_zWNRcpBnXU”] 3. Ralph Myerz – Think Twice Gets interesting around 0:48. […]