4,000 Subscribers

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    Thanks everyone for your suppourt, despite my video-making standstill… I really didn’t4,000 Subscribers think I would ever gain people’s interest in my videos, or even this quickly. Back in September, I thought, by this time in March, that I would have, at most, 1,000 subscribers.




    Well, all I can really do is say thanks I guess… Oh, and I guess I could make a video too :)… I’ll do that once I get my new computer (it’s a beast… really, it’s 5 times more beastly than the one I’m on right now). Expect that video near the end of Spring Break, possibly sooner.


    I’d appreciate any song suggestions, and songs that are energetic, that also practically scream I’M BACK (no, not the song by eminem), would be awesome. I’ll eventually find one though… 😛 Just drop me a comment.

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