Why Battlefield 3 > Modern Warfare 3

This is me speaking as someone who played the Battlefield 3 alpha and beta trials, in addition to owning all of the previous Call of Duty games on the PC. This may read as a bit of a rant but I’ll try to stick to laying down the facts. I could go on for paragraphs, […]

Songs of the Moment – Week of Oct. 16

Let’s bring some class this week. All of these come from the excellent Hôtel Costes compilation albums. 1. Morten Varano – Dead End Street (Trentemøller remix) Gets interesting around 0:00. [YouTube Video id=”x64BhdAHPQA”] 2. Karuan – Chocolate Distance Gets interesting around 1:18. [YouTube Video id=”_zWNRcpBnXU”] 3. Ralph Myerz – Think Twice Gets interesting around 0:48. […]

Songs of the Moment – Week of Oct. 9

This week it’s all about remixes! Some of my current favourites in fact! Most of the songs fall into the dubstep/DnB sub-genres. I’m going to try sharing points of interest too. 1. Ellie Goulding – Under The Sheets (Jakwob remix) Gets interesting around 0:27. [YouTube Video id=”iTW8K8PToxM”] 2. Jeuce – Kiss (Zeds Dead remix) Gets […]

Songs of the Moment – Week of Oct. 2

It’s fall now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t stop listening to summer music. Specifically summer clubby music. I realized today that a good percentage of my favourite songs are by Armada Records. I’m not advertising for them or anything – they just have consistently good music in my opinion. Less of that poppy stuff […]