Yet ANOTHER Site Re-Design

    I know, I’ve already completely re-vamped the site this week, but I was really hating that black and gray theme I had going on, so I came up with a new one. Some things still don’t fit (the navigation buttons and the links at the bottom of the page for example), but I’ll change […]

Next RSMV: Harder to Breathe

Yea, the song is Harder to Breathe, by Maroon 5. Some people out there absolutely hate Maroon 5 with a passion, and I don’t really understand why. I mean, their music is good, depending on what mood you’re in. The same thing goes for Fallout Boy, only because their songs are sort’ve catchy. Their lyrics […]

4,000 Subscribers

    Thanks everyone for your suppourt, despite my video-making standstill… I really didn’t think I would ever gain people’s interest in my videos, or even this quickly. Back in September, I thought, by this time in March, that I would have, at most, 1,000 subscribers.

Re: Another Man Down

Well.. I was bored, so I hooked up my PS2 to my computer, and made a little video response to Soullessdeparture’s video, that challenged everyone to kill something, in some game, in less than 10 seconds. I used Grand Theft Auto III, yay me! Watch the videos by clicking Continue Reading… Userbars

I doubt anyone besides me would use them, but feel free to.. I mainly made these for myself.. ;D