Why Facebook is better than MySpace

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EVERYONE (that I know) has a MySpace profile, but no one that I know in real life has a Facebook profile. It’s hard to see why, because Facebook is ten times better, in my opinion. No longer to you have to worry about the guy that believes he must have 22 YouTube videos, 2 chatrooms, 3 Twitter badges, 9 playlists, and 23,000 LOLCat pictures on his profile. Yeah, you know, that guy…, the one that always crashes your browser and gives you the BSOD.

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Anyway, besides not making the internet ugly, like MySpace, Facebook concentrates more around the users and the idea that a “social network”, should be a “social network”. By that I mean it’s easier to interact with friends, import contacts, etc.

All of those things are contained within a simple, no-fuss interface. I know it sounds like it was made for the less tech savy people, but I’ve personally found it more than sufficent for a “power user”, or whatever you want to call me.

So, really quickly, here’s why Facebook murders MySpace, in my opinion…

  • It’s organized
  • Easy to do… everything
  • Better friend interaction (I think, anyway)
  • Cool features (like blog feed importing)
  • Better grammar (no offense to anyone, but I’ve found that Facebook users usually have better grammar skills as opposed to MySpace users)
  • And the list goes on…

But, alas, all of my friends are still on MySpace, so I guess I’m not going anywhere. But you know, I’ll still have my Facebook profile up for anyone to add me…

There are probably some MySpace fanboys that hate me now, but know I do think it’s a great site…

So, what do you think? By the way, I’ve only been using Facebook for twenty minutes.

6 thoughts on “Why Facebook is better than MySpace

  1. yeah i go on facebook and I think its better than myspace, even though I dont have a my space, and also live-journal is quite good as well, but still I think facebook is better By the way, is that the Fantikerz from youtube because if it is you'l know me, its lizzie lol

  2. I think that MySpace is much better than Facebook because you can add backgrounds and other fun things like that. You can have chat rooms, quizzes, movies, and I find that I can customize my page a lot better than on Facebook. This is somewhat of a late comment, because this is the first time I've been on your website, and disagreed with your opinion. -fmsgoatgirl

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