Things that Irk Me

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Sitting here waiting for my Steam items to download (Mirrors Edge and Assassin’s Creed, thanks for asking), I began to ponder 2058346033_25e28400bbthe phrases, words, and actions that are my pet peeves. I now present them in a neat, alphabetized list that you may use as a reference when communicating with me.*

Just know that there’s not any particular reason for writing this, and you shouldn’t take anything seriously – unless you’re Anthony or George. There might even be some things that you agree with, but don’t be surprised if there isn’t. In all seriousness, this post is really self-centered and is mostly a joke.

  • Airplane or Aircraft
    • Honestly, I have no idea why this bugs me. I prefer using and hearing the word aircraft over airplane – maybe because I find the word airplane redundant. I mean, the plane insinuates flight, so therefore the word air is unnecessary. I like the word aeroplane, though.
  • Blueberries
    • These things don’t even taste that great. The only real delectable members of the berry family are the strawberry and the raspberry. I don’t even know what the differences between the blueberry and the huckleberry are. In my opinion, these useless fruits should be eradicated. They are taking up strawberry space.
  • People Who Post Pictures of Themselves with no Shirt Online
    • You know those douchebags that take pictures of themselves with their crappy 2MP camera phone their parents bought for them in front of their smeared bathroom mirrors with their sixpack barely visible under the blue fluorescent lights with various pointless effects added in emphasizing their “beastliness”? I hate them.
  • Pill Popping
    • Modern medicine has come a long way, but what did humans do before taking drugs became common? Working out? Using natural remedies? Resting? What are those?! It just bugs me that people have appeared to develop an independence on pills to make them feel better when there are even better remedies out there. Of course you still need medication, but it needs to be frowned upon when others take drugs for the sake of laziness.
  • Posting Your Personal Problems Online
    • I know I’m not alone on this. Doesn’t it suck when you’re having a nice day, decide to go on Facebook, and then see a deeply obscure but obviously depressive message? It can totally bog your day down. I understand the need to vent, but that’s what a diary (or wrists) are for.
  • Rapists
    • ‘Nuff said.
  • Saying You can do More than you Really Can
    • So you want to look impressive? Then you might think it would be good to add 10 things you know shit none about to your resume. Even better, tell people that you can do those things and then proceed to show those people work that you jacked off a lowly artist on deviantArt! Boy, aren’t you impressive!
  • Those Who Put their Name on their License Plates
    • Are you too good for the random string of numbers and letters that the DMV gives you or do you just forget your name all the time? Quit being an egotistical fool because we don’t care what your name is.
  • Unnecessary Swearing
    • Sure, popping off an F bomb every now and then adds comical value, but you shouldn’t replace every other word with it. Swearing should either be used to prove a point, or add comical value to an otherwise stale point.
  • Woefully Ignorant People
    • You want to show someone something, but they just dont get it and don’t care. This might even be something that you know they would like, but they still don’t care. You can choose to let it go or persist… you persist, if only for the reason that you know that you’ll be thinking of this for weeks if you don’t. Days later, they still don’t give a shit and you proceed to go to your next, more open-minded, employed friend and show him the thing you’ve been raving about. The person loves it and you become best friends, and the ignorant friend gets arrested for possession of a controlled substance. You need better friends.

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