Ten Things I Hate about Modern Warfare 2

Don’t get me wrong, this game can be fun. However, the many poor decisions made in regard to core gameplay features makes having fun hard, at times.

[10 Item List title1=”IWNet” reason1=”Unreliable hosts, terrible latency, modded lobbies…” title2=”$15 DLC” reason2=”Overpriced, much?” title3=”Grenade Launchers” reason3=”THUNK! … INSTA-KILL!” title4=”ProFags” reason4=”They take video games too seriously.” title5=”Spawn Locations” reason5=”Enemies spawn right next to you.” title6=”Lack of Public Game Control” reason6=”No votekick or reporting of cheaters? Deal with it.” title7=”Too Many Redundant Titles” reason7=”Earn five variations of the same title!” title8=”No Machinima Support” reason8=”We’d like to make some quality machinima, IW.” title9=”Heartbeat Sensors” reason9=”Just like in real life! Oh, wait…” title10=”Inability to Block Chat Messages” reason10=”Stupidity isn’t limited to voice chat.”]

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