Run Lola Run!

It’s been a while since my last post, but it doesn’t matter, since no one reads this thing. Of course I’ve been busy with MechSociety, but I’ll save you the pain of that blog post for later. I’m actually here, on your internets, to whine about a German movie with lucid music and a red haired […]

Why Facebook is better than MySpace

EVERYONE (that I know) has a MySpace profile, but no one that I know in real life has a Facebook profile. It’s hard to see why, because Facebook is ten times better, in my opinion. No longer to you have to worry about the guy that believes he must have 22 YouTube videos, 2 chatrooms, […]

4,000 Subscribers

    Thanks everyone for your suppourt, despite my video-making standstill… I really didn’t think I would ever gain people’s interest in my videos, or even this quickly. Back in September, I thought, by this time in March, that I would have, at most, 1,000 subscribers.

Vote on my next RSMV

Basically, I want you to watch some of my uncompleted videos, and choose which one(s) you want to see finished!   [poll=3]