10 Shows You Should Have Seen

Kings CastPrime time television is a cruel place. If a show scores below two million views consistently, you can expect it to be cut by the executives. Sometimes that happens to truly great shows that just happen to be competing with other already popular programs like American Idol or even the Superbowl. Nonetheless, while everyone else is watching Simon Cowell in his ill-fitting shirts, there are still those one million loyal viewers waiting to see what happens in their favourite (albeit unpopular) series.

Today, I’ll be sharing some of those shows that had great potential, but a bad time slot. With all the garbage on TV these days, it might be good to shed some light on some shows that were unique, well produced, or ahead of their time.

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24 Tactical Teams

It’s time for another random musement from the bleak corridors that line the coarse blood vessels in my


Recently, I’ve been catching up on the FOX show 24. I used to be a big fan, until the show Lost came into my life. I think I left off at season 5, or maybe 4, but anyway, I’ve been watching season 6, and I seem to notice a re-occurring trend.

If you watch 24, you know that CTU (the Counter Terrorism Unit) gets a lot of leads. Of course, the lead character Jack Bauer is always the one that follows up on them… busting into hideouts, doing tactical sweeps of warehouses, and kickboxing terrorists. Who else is going to do it? Well, not all the glory goes to Jack. He is the one, however, that often can live long enough to enjoy the glory. Let me explain…

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