RuneScape Gathering 2008: Aftermath

It’s over… and apparently it was a success. Billions (not really) of people showed up, and enjoyed Ice Mountainthemselves… for the most part. Worlds 126 and 127 filled up completely, hours before the event even started.

I personally hung out with Regicidal1 for a while, and we went over to Clan Wars and lost multiple times. I pwned with my Mith stuff… But hey, who cares about me?

Videos and pictures after the break.

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RuneScape Gathering 2008

Don’t know if you guys would care, but… there’s going to be another RuneScape GatheringRS Gathering this year…


  • Where: Ice Mountain – Worlds 125 & 126
  • When: April 19th – 7:00pm (Eastern)
  • Why: For fun?
  • Who: Loads of people, “famous” RS players, and hopefully you.
  • Picture: (Credit: ThePwnageNinja)

Video after the jump…

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How to make an Animated Icon

Author’s Note: Please be aware that this is a very old post and is no longer very accurate. YouTube has since disabled animated .gifs and Entering in the Dimensions in Photoshopmost of these programs and techniques are out of date. This is being left up because it may serve as useful to some. Enjoy.

Hey, if you have any questions, you should probably ask them here. There’s a better chance that they’ll be read and answered. Same thing with comments. There is no written tutorial. However, there is a video walkthrough after the break.

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Chatterbox Project

If you’ve been wondering why I haven’t been making any new videos, here’s your answer. I’ve been lazy. Well, not just that, I’ve also been working on sever sites. A couple of those being this one ( and

But anyway, on to explaining the title… If you’re farmiliar with Grand Theft Auto, then you probably know what Chatterbox is. But for those of you that haven’t experienced that pointless fun of pixel killing rampages, I better explain. Chatterbox is a radio station from GTA 3/GTA: Liberty City Stories, and it’s mad funny. What I want to do with it is chop up the 1 hour recording of the show into 5 minute segments and make an episode for each. This can be compared to Teh Noob Show or even Paranoia.

If you haven’t heard of chatterbox, take a listen right here.

The catch is, you guys may have to wait longer for the first EP to come out. Because it is the first episode, things are going to take a while to organize.Sit tight and check out some videos by Ya Looooooon, Regicidal1, Tehnoobshow, or Tyvak519 if you haven’t already.