How to make an Animated Icon

Author’s Note: Please be aware that this is a very old post and is no longer very accurate. YouTube has since disabled animated .gifs and Entering in the Dimensions in Photoshopmost of these programs and techniques are out of date. This is being left up because it may serve as useful to some. Enjoy.

Hey, if you have any questions, you should probably ask them here. There’s a better chance that they’ll be read and answered. Same thing with comments. There is no written tutorial. However, there is a video walkthrough after the break.

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SP613G has made a new video! Normally I wouldn’t post it, but I’ve gotta because I’m in it! 😮

I’m the guy with the D legs during I Don’t Wanna be in Love by Good Charlotte. Check it out!

The title stands for
Makes Me Wonder Why I’m Hunting for the Dance Floor
This took one week to make, and I hope you like it! Happy holidays!
This video is worth WATCHING ALL OF IT. LOL