UPDATED: Always have a Contract – My Story of Getting Screwed by MyRuneLog

8/27/11 Update: Harley has posted a rebuttal. I reciprocated. Read here.

Harley “Ability44” Dishon seemed like a decent fellow human. He was introduced to me via a mutual friend quite a while ago and was in the market for some web development work. While he didn’t quite have a clear cut goal yet, he was willing to pay, and truthfully that was all that mattered since we could hammer out the details as we went on. Web development is my gig after all. It’s what pays the bills.

I tend to run an informal operation. Minimal contracts, work by the hour, and just that sort of jive. In addition I try to be as fair and personable as possible. Hosting client sites for free, offering access to select source files, etc. The nice guy.

Well, shame on me for assuming people wouldn’t take advantage of that. Let me explain. Continue reading “UPDATED: Always have a Contract – My Story of Getting Screwed by MyRuneLog”

Chatterbox Project

If you’ve been wondering why I haven’t been making any new videos, here’s your answer. I’ve been lazy. Well, not just that, I’ve also been working on sever sites. A couple of those being this one (Fantikerz.com) and runescape-movies.com.

But anyway, on to explaining the title… If you’re farmiliar with Grand Theft Auto, then you probably know what Chatterbox is. But for those of you that haven’t experienced that pointless fun of pixel killing rampages, I better explain. Chatterbox is a radio station from GTA 3/GTA: Liberty City Stories, and it’s mad funny. What I want to do with it is chop up the 1 hour recording of the show into 5 minute segments and make an episode for each. This can be compared to Teh Noob Show or even Paranoia.

If you haven’t heard of chatterbox, take a listen right here.

The catch is, you guys may have to wait longer for the first EP to come out. Because it is the first episode, things are going to take a while to organize.Sit tight and check out some videos by Ya Looooooon, Regicidal1, Tehnoobshow, or Tyvak519 if you haven’t already.