UPDATED: Always have a Contract – My Story of Getting Screwed by MyRuneLog

8/27/11 Update: Harley has posted a rebuttal. I reciprocated. Read here.

Harley “Ability44” Dishon seemed like a decent fellow human. He was introduced to me via a mutual friend quite a while ago and was in the market for some web development work. While he didn’t quite have a clear cut goal yet, he was willing to pay, and truthfully that was all that mattered since we could hammer out the details as we went on. Web development is my gig after all. It’s what pays the bills.

I tend to run an informal operation. Minimal contracts, work by the hour, and just that sort of jive. In addition I try to be as fair and personable as possible. Hosting client sites for free, offering access to select source files, etc. The nice guy.

Well, shame on me for assuming people wouldn’t take advantage of that. Let me explain. Continue reading “UPDATED: Always have a Contract – My Story of Getting Screwed by MyRuneLog”

Stuff I Bought from the 2011 Steam Summer Sale

It's sale time!I’ll try and update this every day until the 10th.

Just a fun list. I’ll try and rationalize each purchase just so I don’t buy every game I see in the lust that always seems to ensue from a Steam sale.

Purchased (descending by most recent):

  • Frozen Synapse: Soundtrack Edition [2 pack] ($15 – saved $15): I watched this video, and it pretty much sold me. My kind of game!
  • Mount and Blade: Warband ($7.50 – saved $22.50): Everyone says this is a must-buy because of the improved graphics and gameplay over the previous installation.
  • Dragon Age: Origins – Ultimate Edition ($10 – saved $20): I loved Mass Effect and these Bioware guys pretty much have morality based RPG pegged.
  • Arma II: Combined Operations ($22.50 – saved $22.50): A simulator approach to the FPS genre. I think it’ll be interesting.
  • The Polynomial ($3.40 – saved $6.60): Interesting concept for a music game, a genre that I love. Plus it’s SteamPlay so I can throw it on the Mac! Yay!
  • Assassin’s Creed II – Deluxe Edition ($6.80 – saved $13.20): I’ll be playing this after I finish the first Assassin’s Creed.
  • Bioshock 2 ($5 – saved $15): Again, I’ll be playing this after I finish the first installment.
  • Team Fortress Classic ($1.20 – saved $3.80): This completes my collection of Valve-made games! Yay!
  • All of the Magicka DLC ($6 – saved about $19): I’ve only played the game with friends once or twice, but they were fun times regardless. Sure I’ll throw the indie devs a few bucks. Why not!
  • The Final Hours of Portal 2 ($1.30 – saved $0.70): An amazingly in-depth look into Valve. I highly recommend it if you liked Portal 2 and enjoy good journalism.
  • Medal of Honor ($10.20 – saved $19.80): I was mostly interested in the Battlefield 3 beta key, but the singleplayer campaign looks like it would be fun as well!
  • Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West ($1.50 – saved $8.50): Not a huge fan on wild west games/movies. I suppose I purchased this one just because it was so damn cheap. Steam wins again.
  • BIT.TRIP.RUNNER ($2.50 – saved $7.50): Already have BIT.TRIP.BEAT, so I thought I’d get the sister game.
  • Test Drive Unlimited 2 ($10 – saved $10): Looks like everything I’ve always wanted from a GTA/Gran Turismo crossover game. I haven’t really been satisfied by any racing games thus far so this should be a treat.

Bonus free DLC (descending by most recent):

  • Portal 2 goggles
  • Team Fortress 2 shades