ATB’s Greatest Hits, At Least According to Me

Other than BT, ATB is one of my all time favorite artists and DJs. Last month he released a new album and I found myself going back through his discog listening to songs I haven’t heard in ages. Since 1999 he’s introduced countless people (including me) to trance and house, creating several classics along the way.

I thought it would be fun to share what I feel to be some of his best work (one song from each album), starting from the top and working our way back in time.

Face To Face (feat. Stanfour)

Contact (2014). Digging that guitar!

Move On (feat. JanSoon)

Distant Earth (2011). Good buildup to 1:04.

Behind (pres. Flanders)

Future Memories (2009). The raspy vocals from Flanders make this.

Feel Alive

Trilogy (2007). One of those boisterous songs. More guitar too!


No Silence (2004).  Good song to listen to while driving fast down a dirt road in the middle of nowhere.

I Don’t Wanna Stop

Addicted to Music (2003). Classic ATB sound and drums.

You’re Not Alone

Dedicated (2002). More classic ATB melodies.

Let You Go

Two Worlds (2000). Besides 9PM, this is a signature track.

9PM (Till I Come)

Movin’ Melodies (1999). Old school but timeless!

11 Catchy or Feel Good Songs

All this post is about, is feel good , and catchy, songs. As a music junkie, I come across them quite often, and I even have a playlist of them on my iPod that’s 150-ish songs deep.

What makes a song catchy? A nice beat, of course, with sometimes clever lyrics. The same thing goes for the feel good songs, which will probably have some more meaningful lyrics.

I figured some of you might enjoy some songs on this Saturday morning. Here are some of the better ones, after the break…

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