Chatterbox Project

If you’ve been wondering why I haven’t been making any new videos, here’s your answer. I’ve been lazy. Well, not just that, I’ve also been working on sever sites. A couple of those being this one ( and

But anyway, on to explaining the title… If you’re farmiliar with Grand Theft Auto, then you probably know what Chatterbox is. But for those of you that haven’t experienced that pointless fun of pixel killing rampages, I better explain. Chatterbox is a radio station from GTA 3/GTA: Liberty City Stories, and it’s mad funny. What I want to do with it is chop up the 1 hour recording of the show into 5 minute segments and make an episode for each. This can be compared to Teh Noob Show or even Paranoia.

If you haven’t heard of chatterbox, take a listen right here.

The catch is, you guys may have to wait longer for the first EP to come out. Because it is the first episode, things are going to take a while to organize.Sit tight and check out some videos by Ya Looooooon, Regicidal1, Tehnoobshow, or Tyvak519 if you haven’t already.

Hey There Delilah

Time for a new video I guess, since it’s been over a month! Probably the longest I’ve gone without a new video.. I just don’t get how people like Regicidal1 do it!..

Well, I should tell you a little about the video, shouldn’t I? 😛 I really didn’t think of this as a potential song to make a video with, but it really grows on you.. (I had some other ideas in mind, but ended up dropping them) If you compare this video to the original irl video, you’d see that it also has the two person view.. I had no idea that my idea was pretty much the same, really. But I might have seen the video before, and just forgot about it 😛

Anyways, on to the embed…

How Far We’ve Come

Been awhile since a new ‘serious’ music video, and I wanted something that would be great as a comeback, or something like that. This song fit very well, and I knew when I heard it, that I’d have to make a video with it. Matchbox Twenty broke apart in the past, but they have since gotten back together and doing what they do best.

Well, the video gave me a chance to try out some ideas for different angles I’ve been saving up for a song like this.. Fat Wrecked let me borrow his house, but oddly enough, he has no bedrooms in it.. Instead he has two throne rooms… But anyway, thanks for letting me use your place, and letting me [pwn] you in the dungeon.