Next RSMV: Harder to Breathe

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Yea, the song is Harder to Breathe, by Maroon 5. Some people out there absolutely hateHarder to Breathe Maroon 5 with a passion, and I don’t really understand why. I mean, their music is good, depending on what mood you’re in. The same thing goes for Fallout Boy, only because their songs are sort’ve catchy. Their lyrics are crap though.

Anyways… preview the song and read a little more after the break.. Just hit the Continue Reading link.

Harder to Breathe – Maroon 5
    I know I’ve said I would make videos, and never really did (like the Vote! video for example), but I actually have ideas for this song. I usually don’t finish songs because I’m either:

  1. Fizzed out
  2. Tired of shooting
  3. Out of ideas
  4. Never had ideas to begin with
  5. Annoyed to death by people in-game
  6. Discomforted by the temperature
  7. My glucose level is 0.68 below the minimum
  8. All of the above

So yeah, a lot of things bug me when shooting :).

20 thoughts on “Next RSMV: Harder to Breathe

  1. Hmm.. I quite like it. Not sure how most others will though = Regardless it'll be another Fantikerz video and we'll all love it ^_^

    As for the threat…

    Make the video or I'll cry =o How's that work?

  2. Well i love your videos, and i like this one sorta and this one is prety well and as for the threat…
    Make a video or me stab me self.

    Hows that? yeha i likey =)

    ~®üÑΣ§ÇÄPΣ ╒Ï£M§~

  3. It's not my favorite song, but it'll be a Fantikerz video! FANTIKERZ, one of the top three video makers =)
    Not the best idea to let people leave you threats:
    If you don't make this video NOW, I will find you >.< and kill you, then I'll cry 'cause I can't see the video anyway!!! Theennnnnn I'll be madder and track you down wherever your soul resides and bring you back to life to make the video! And I'll apologize by giving you pancakes :P!!!!!

  4. Wow, chill song make it plux!!! If you don't I'll send virus then I'll know where you live then you'll have to deal with the big guys… -.-

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