I Love Duals

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Yea, I love my dual monitors… If you have the ability to hook up another monitor to your computer, I suggest you do… It was only recently that I got around to hooking another 15 inch LCD up to my laptop, making 30 inches of available screen real estate. This makes it really easy to multi task.. For instance, right now I’m writing this on one screen, while watching the movie Alive, on my other screen. Alive is a good movie btw…

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[Note: The images are large]

2 thoughts on “I Love Duals

  1. Hey Fantikerz,
    I was wondering if you knew any good voice editing software but not an expensive product. I have been persuing over AV Voice Changer. The reason why I am looking for one of these is because I would like to add my voice in my Runescape Videos but I have an english accent, and its not very good really tbh.
    So if you know any good Sony products or something I would be greatful. (not really looking for shareware) I have been told that Audacity is good for beginners and I have been learing this program but I would like to take an advanced stage now to some real good audio/voice editing

    Thanks for reading this
    Dual monitors like immense lol

    Dombev30 (Runescape)
    DomandJim (Youtube)

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