How to make an Animated Icon

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Author’s Note: Please be aware that this is a very old post and is no longer very accurate. YouTube has since disabled animated .gifs and Entering in the Dimensions in Photoshopmost of these programs and techniques are out of date. This is being left up because it may serve as useful to some. Enjoy.

Hey, if you have any questions, you should probably ask them here. There’s a better chance that they’ll be read and answered. Same thing with comments. There is no written tutorial. However, there is a video walkthrough after the break.

The Tutorial

Necessary Programs

I understand that there are other programs out there that do the same job. They may be easier or harder, but this is what I do.

36 thoughts on “How to make an Animated Icon

  1. hey umm i click on the adobe thing and it says i need to log in and all the jazz…so i try to start a new account on it..and it asks abunch of stuff about my company….what gives?

    i just want a simple animated icon…..

    any tips?

  2. Camtasia is very easy to make animations because you download it take the video without the hypercam and on the same program you can convert it into a GIF so its super easy, you can also drag in other gif's to make it more complicated and look better

  3. Hey fantikerz.Something about photoshop cs3.i cant get it bcuz i dont where 2 get it.just comment m on my youtube channel ok?peace!

  4. Hey rj i clicked on the link so i can go on the photoshop but it says its currently unavailable wat do i do?

    Please reply

  5. for some reason it sais i need QuickTime 7.1 or higher, i got 7.3 but nothing happened, what is wrong with it? also i have the same photoshop as you so it cant be that.

  6. well if u need an unregistered hypercam 2…download it..from the internet, its absolutely free. YES GOOD ONE FANTIKERZ. i agree, this is brilliant. no problems or anything just worked out.

  7. umm…im trying 2 get the photoshop up & running, but im stuck, i cant find it! i installed it, and im at Bridge Home, cuz it said it'd have info on it, but im just confused. -.- plz plz help!

  8. Dear Fantikerz,
    Will 'Adobe Photoshop 7.0' work for making the animated icons? I also love your videos.. Please reply to my question ASAP. Thanks again Fantikerz.


  9. –> THIS IS A LONG COMMENT BUT PLEASE FANTIKERZ COMMENT ME BACK Import > Frames to layers.. it says "Could not complete the video frames to layers command because quicktime version 7.1 or later is required." i went to the link in your video and i downloaded it to Windows. and then when i try to install it and it says "This Installer can not upgrade quicktime 7 for windows public preview. Please uninstall it first"
    Thanks fantikerz it would be a great help if you could comment me back on my youtube page
    Thanks rj

  10. Hey Rj,

    hehe woops on my latest comment March 4th 5:11 pm it was suppose to say this
    when i go to : Import – Frames to layers… it says "could not complete…

    Thanks Rj =)

  11. hey.. i did eerything you told me but when i post it on youtube its still just a still.. plz reply what could be going wrong. plzz!

  12. Hey,

    Will 'Adobe Photoshop 7.0' work for making the icons? I really do need help improving on my channel because my reputation is growing. If you can find any information about that I'd be glad to hear it. I am not very good at web searching.
    Otherwise, how do I get 'Photoshop CS3'?

    -Jake Izaardy

  13. when i downloaed the adobe thingy i open folder after dowload and if shows abode i click and it shows nothing atfer i open it
    .what i need to dowhat i need to do?

  14. people say camtasia is better and other people say this way is better…but whats better for a laggy computer?

  15. dued the vidoe was too fast lol i need help with it to confusing and did u buy sony vegas for 600dollars??

  16. Dude, k i downloaded it but when i go to file it has nothing it says new window, or new folder.. What do i do??? Email me please help!!!!!!!!!

  17. ok is there another "photoshop" that can use cauz its really hard to download cauz there are all these links and other stuff and it just makes me want to cry…

    can use windows movie maker? have like all microsoft programs….(came with computer) and have quicktime player

    plus photoshop not free after 30 days

    so like ya any suggests or wat not….??? think got cam thing all setup (as you can tell not good at computers) HELP *bangs head on brick wall*

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