Forum Downtime

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Why is the forum down? It’s down because I accidentally deleted the directory that the forum database was in… A forum database is where all the information for the forum is stored. Posts, settings, etc. What’s worse is that I didn’t have a backup of the database (because it was a SQLite database), and the forum was in-operable.

What I’m doing now is setting up the forum up again, but taking advantage of this time to use a MySQL database this time, which is more efficient. I am also taking the time to improve the forum and fine-tune some things.

3 thoughts on “Forum Downtime

  1. You didn't accidentally delete it! Its all a conspiracy! You just think you did it. Enjoy my words of….. ummm….. yeah, you know. Hope the forums (erm, "forum") is back up. ^.^ Tell me when its up.

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