Emo Trance: New Genre of Music?

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I stumbled upon an awesome Flight Sim X video using some music that I can only guess is of the tribal music genre.. I bet there’s a better way of describing this type of music, but it really doesn’t matter. If you think about it, and listen to it, it could be an Emo form of trance… O_O

Want an example of what I’m talking about? Give the song below a whirl.

Wish – Franka Potente

Hit up the Read More link for more songs, the video I was talking about, and some thoughts…

Here’s the very well made video, using the song “Wish” by pale3.
    I think this music can really vary in moods; there are upbeat parts that you can picture being played on the streets of San Fransisco, and there are parts that make you want to slowly fall asleep.. It’s generally inspirational though…

Believe – Franka Potente
    These songs were featured in the foreign, independent film, Run Lola Run.

Yes, I was bored and felt like blogging. ;D

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