Rocket Power

Lee asked me to do a couple lines in a video, so I did. The video is to the Rocket Power, A show on Nickelodeon based around sports. I’m the guy in the jester hat (lol) around the end.

Chatterbox Project

If you’ve been wondering why I haven’t been making any new videos, here’s your answer. I’ve been lazy. Well, not just that, I’ve also been working on sever sites. A couple of those being this one ( and But anyway, on to explaining the title… If you’re farmiliar with Grand Theft Auto, then you […]

Hey There Delilah

Time for a new video I guess, since it’s been over a month! Probably the longest I’ve gone without a new video.. I just don’t get how people like Regicidal1 do it!.. Well, I should tell you a little about the video, shouldn’t I? 😛 I really didn’t think of this as a potential song […]

How Far We’ve Come

Been awhile since a new ‘serious’ music video, and I wanted something that would be great as a comeback, or something like that. This song fit very well, and I knew when I heard it, that I’d have to make a video with it. Matchbox Twenty broke apart in the past, but they have since […]