Why Battlefield 3 > Modern Warfare 3

This is me speaking as someone who played the Battlefield 3 alpha and beta trials, in addition to owning all of the previous Call of Duty games on the PC. This may read as a bit of a rant but I’ll try to stick to laying down the facts. I could go on for paragraphs, […]

Steam > Origin

I was just invited into the Battlefield 3 Alpha, and was absolutely thrilled until I read that I would need to download BF3 via Origin. “Dammit,” I thought, “I’ve been avoiding Origin at all costs since it’s condemned by practically every gamer out there.” Oh well, so I bit the proverbial bullet and played around with Origin – comparing […]

Minecraft server!

If you play, why not visit the server I help run? I love you. [YouTube Video id=”3jywFsi_Sc0″]

Stuff I Bought from the 2011 Steam Summer Sale

I’ll try and update this every day until the 10th. Just a fun list. I’ll try and rationalize each purchase just so I don’t buy every game I see in the lust that always seems to ensue from a Steam sale. Purchased (descending by most recent): Frozen Synapse: Soundtrack Edition [2 pack] ($15 – saved […]

Games I played in 2010

It seems like the cool people have made posts like this, so here goes. Nothing in-depth, just my quick opinions and recollections. Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Lost interest in the campaign but have had a blast in multiplayer. — 4/5 Minecraft: Insanely fun. Anyone who has yet to buy it is seriously missing out. I […]