Amusing Emails Vol. 1: I Hat You

I was trying to find a past email thread when one caught my eye, then another, and another. It seems that for every idiotic email I had gotten inGmail Interface the first part of the year, I replied with a sarcastic / zealous / humorous message. I’ve totally forgotten about some of these so I figured it may be fun to share.

The first one comes from a person who uses the alias Dorgles. It isn’t exactly hilarious, but it may serve a chuckle to a few.

When insulting someone, make sure to proof read.
When insulting someone, make sure to proof read.

I never received a reply on this one. Now that I look back, I think I may have been a bit too hard on him. I should have excluded the birthday bit. It’s worth noting that this wasn’t sent to me directly, but one of my website service emails.

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