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It’s time for another random musement from the bleak corridors that line the coarse blood vessels in my


Recently, I’ve been catching up on the FOX show 24. I used to be a big fan, until the show Lost came into my life. I think I left off at season 5, or maybe 4, but anyway, I’ve been watching season 6, and I seem to notice a re-occurring trend.

If you watch 24, you know that CTU (the Counter Terrorism Unit) gets a lot of leads. Of course, the lead character Jack Bauer is always the one that follows up on them… busting into hideouts, doing tactical sweeps of warehouses, and kickboxing terrorists. Who else is going to do it? Well, not all the glory goes to Jack. He is the one, however, that often can live long enough to enjoy the glory. Let me explain…

Jack is often joined by a tactical team, which is really comprised of just a group of 40 dudes dressed in black carrying big guns. Every time there’s some sort of sweep of a suspected terrorist hideout, there’s a bomb. As you can probably guess, when the bomb blows the place to pieces, the tac teams follows suit. So far, in season 6 of 24, there have been two such explosions. Both times Jack survives unharmed. Where do all of these guys come from? Them seem to be coming out of no where, and are EVERYWHERE in the city…

Now, I have a few more questions. Does CTU have a cloning facility, and who the hell would ever want to work on a tactical team for CTU??? Also, what’s up with those incredibly stupid masks they wear (above)? Last time I checked, they don’t stop bullets.

Ughhh, back to watching 24…

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  1. last i left off on 24 jack jumped from a helicopter into the ocean. that was after they blew the living hell out of the oil rig. but after they didn't have a 2008 season?why not i was just getting into it and then they don't show what is this? was it because of righter strike and jack just getting out of jail? or is it because no one ever watches it?. oh well i have gotten into house now but i am still looking out for 24. let me know if you see any episods on it.


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