Songs of the Moment – Week of Sept. 25

As always, heavy emphasis on electro housey music. These aren’t necessarily new songs – just ones I’m liking at the moment.

1. Dada Life – White Noise / Red Meat

[YouTube Video id=”Ns0bCAPL1CQ”]

2. M83 – We Own the Sky

[YouTube Video id=”Bzge5vY72hE”]

3. Natalia Kills – Mirrors (Moto Blanco club mix)

[YouTube Video id=”zoiKV9RxNgY”]

4. Adam Lambert – If I Had You (Jason Nevins extended mix)

[YouTube Video id=”1oTrXfVxUgY”]

5. Rabbit Killer – 1000 Volts (original mix)

[YouTube Video id=”5iR6O8h7YFs”]

Songs of the Moment – Week of Sept. 18

Going to see if I can make this a weekly thing now. I just consume so much music.

1. Beltek – Eclipse (vocal extended mix)

[YouTube Video id=”cMNj7V7LIJw”]

2. John O’Callaghan – Find Yourself

[YouTube Video id=”t2lav8rqK4Y”]

3. Kaskade – Eyes (extended mix)

[YouTube Video id=”t7RyZ4Zf4Dk”]

4. Armand Van Helden – I Want Your Soul (Fake Blood remix)

[YouTube Video id=”2CrW6RYI_D0″]

5. Röyksopp – The Girl And The Robot

[YouTube Video id=”-EJUCkSMN4k”]

Songs of the Moment – Week of Sept. 11

No theme here. Just a random assortment of music that I’m into at the moment. Please do enjoy! If you happen to have the same musical tastes, feel free to follow some of my playlists on Spotify.

1. tyDi – Acting Crazy

[YouTube Video id=”MxJNrKlIQ8g”]

2. Adam Lambert – Whataya Want From Me (Jason Nevins Electrotek radio edit)

[YouTube Video id=”P1ua7IuS4qU”]

3. Dead Wasps – Don’t You Know (Keemerah remix)

[YouTube Video id=”KO_tbzq0oeo”]

4. Ercola – Every Word (Wendel Kos radio edit)

[YouTube Video id=”MRzupTyoXDw”]

5. Netsky – Smile

[YouTube Video id=”2fE9Ai7kzl8″]

10 Things You Need to Stop Typing

Stop trying to be lazy. Stop trying to be cute. Stop trying to mutilate the English language. Just type out the damn words, people. The letters are all there on your keyboard – you just need to press the buttons with those curvy things on them. You seem like less of a moron when you do. Just trying to help.

[10 Item List title1=”Pl0x” reason1=”Not cute.” title2=”I Can Has?” reason2=”Moronic and ruined.” title3=”Wat/Wut” reason3=”Try sounding it out. Sounds stupid.” title4=”Y” reason4=”Why is a fucking three letter word.” title5=”Lol” reason5=”Overused and means nothing now.” title6=”any1″ reason6=”It takes one second to type one.” title7=”kk” reason7=”The extra k is SUPERFLUOUS.” title8=”n00b” reason8=”It’s a sad insult.” title9=”pwn” reason9=”No.” title10=”u” reason10=”You is another three letter word.”]