Canceled my Amazon order when they pushed it back another week. Went to Costco and got one in 30 minutes. Bask in its glory! The blurry photos! They do it no justice!

Are You Fly Like a G6?

The party song of 2010, in my humble opinion. I feel obligated to tell you that I totally discovered this song before it became popular though. [YouTube Video id=”w4s6H4ku6ZY”]

And now, we wait.

Gotta love Amazon. Except for when they tell you that you’ll need to wait another three weeks. Initially I had overnight shipping, hoping to get it on the 9th, but I went back to two-day. They’ll probably overnight it for free anyway. Prime was a great “investment”.

Why Reddit > Digg

Typically, I try not to pick favorites. However, the Digg re-design broke everything about the site that I liked, namely, the common user submitting content. With Digg v4, the front page is now full of stuff that I don’t care about. It basically became a RSS aggregator for the most popular websites. I recently decided […]

The Power of Music

I’m currently watching my way through The Pacific, just after finishing Band of Brothers, and it’s helping me understand the toils of war. Specifically WWII. The stories and battles that have been depicted are truly remarkable, and have given me a deeper respect for veterans. That’s not to say that there wasn’t any respect for […]