Why Reddit > Digg

Typically, I try not to pick favorites. However, the Digg re-design broke everything about the site that I liked, namely, the common user submitting content. With Digg v4, the front page is now full of stuff that I don’t care about. It basically became a RSS aggregator for the most popular websites. I recently decided to venture into Reddit land, and boy was I surprised.

[10 Item List title1=”They do nice things” reason1=”Just look at this! Or this!” title2=”Better discussion” reason2=”Besides being funny, comments are often insightful.” title3=”Anyone’s submissions have a chance” reason3=”Unlike Digg, I actually have a chance to make the FP.” title4=”Admins are hands-on” reason4=”I see admins participate often on Reddit.” title5=”Digg is killing user-generated submissions” reason5=”RSS feed submissions are spamming Digg to hell.” title6=”Ability to easily hide topics” reason6=”If you hate politics, you can hide that Reddit.” title7=”There are Reddits I care about” reason7=”A TF2 Reddit! Awesome!” title8=”They change up the logo” reason8=”Check these bad boys out!” title9=”Fewer ads” reason9=”Advertisements aren’t being shoved down my throat.” title10=”It’s usually there first” reason10=”The next popular thing usually shows up on Reddit.”]

If you can’t tell, I am now an ex Digg user and new Reddit convert.

The Power of Music

I’m currently watching my way through The Pacific, just after finishing Band of Brothers, and it’s helping me understand the toils of war. Specifically WWII. The stories and battles that have been depicted are truly remarkable, and have given me a deeper respect for veterans. That’s not to say that there wasn’t any respect for them before – it’s just now I can understand what they went though.

[YouTube Video id=”QJynOWktP7U”]