24 Tactical Teams

It’s time for another random musement from the bleak corridors that line the coarse blood vessels in my


Recently, I’ve been catching up on the FOX show 24. I used to be a big fan, until the show Lost came into my life. I think I left off at season 5, or maybe 4, but anyway, I’ve been watching season 6, and I seem to notice a re-occurring trend.

If you watch 24, you know that CTU (the Counter Terrorism Unit) gets a lot of leads. Of course, the lead character Jack Bauer is always the one that follows up on them… busting into hideouts, doing tactical sweeps of warehouses, and kickboxing terrorists. Who else is going to do it? Well, not all the glory goes to Jack. He is the one, however, that often can live long enough to enjoy the glory. Let me explain…

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Why Facebook is better than MySpace

EVERYONE (that I know) has a MySpace profile, but no one that I know in real life has a Facebook profile. It’s hard to see why, because Facebook is ten times better, in my opinion. No longer to you have to worry about the guy that believes he must have 22 YouTube videos, 2 chatrooms, 3 Twitter badges, 9 playlists, and 23,000 LOLCat pictures on his profile. Yeah, you know, that guy…, the one that always crashes your browser and gives you the BSOD.

More rants after the break…

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I’ve finally found my new favorite band, Coldplay. I’ve liked their music for a while, just not this much until recently. With their 4th album to be released soon, it’s hard to believe they’ve made so many great songs. Their music is light hearted, deep, and all entangled within an awesome beat… most of the time

I’ve pre ordered their new album, Viva la Vida which promises to be promising.

Of course you’d never want to take my word on something, so take a listen to some tracks (including their latest one) for yourself, after the break.

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Free, Open Source Alternatives to Expensive Programs

Wish you could create vector art in Adobe Illustrator, edit videos in Sony Vegas, or just play a game of Halo 2 on your PC, but can’t afford the programs? We’ve all been there, and it sucks, honestly.

Thankfully, there’s a whole genre of software comprised of free solutions to the otherwise costly mainstream alternatives. This magical genre is called Open Source.

After the break are a few programs that you may find useful, with often just as many features as the costly alternative.

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