RuneScape Gathering 2008: Aftermath

It’s over… and apparently it was a success. Billions (not really) of people showed up, and enjoyed Ice Mountainthemselves… for the most part. Worlds 126 and 127 filled up completely, hours before the event even started.

I personally hung out with Regicidal1 for a while, and we went over to Clan Wars and lost multiple times. I pwned with my Mith stuff… But hey, who cares about me?

Videos and pictures after the break.

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RuneScape Gathering 2008

Don’t know if you guys would care, but… there’s going to be another RuneScape GatheringRS Gathering this year…


  • Where: Ice Mountain – Worlds 125 & 126
  • When: April 19th – 7:00pm (Eastern)
  • Why: For fun?
  • Who: Loads of people, “famous” RS players, and hopefully you.
  • Picture: (Credit: ThePwnageNinja)

Video after the jump…

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