A suggestion to YouTube

Every video containing the word “busted” in the title immediately be removed. All because of YouTube drama. This is at least a weekly occurrence, and while it’s funny to see morons express their jealousy, it only starts crap rumours and wastes everyones time.

More about the jealousy. Notice that all the higher-ups get the “busted” videos? Theunforgiving, Regicidal1, and even LISANOVA o_o…
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SP613G has made a new video! Normally I wouldn’t post it, but I’ve gotta because I’m in it! 😮

I’m the guy with the D legs during I Don’t Wanna be in Love by Good Charlotte. Check it out!

The title stands for
Makes Me Wonder Why I’m Hunting for the Dance Floor
This took one week to make, and I hope you like it! Happy holidays!
This video is worth WATCHING ALL OF IT. LOL