ATB’s Greatest Hits, At Least According to Me

Other than BT, ATB is one of my all time favorite artists and DJs. Last month he released a new album and I found myself going back through his discog lis­ten­ing to songs I haven’t heard in ages. Since 1999 he’s intro­duced count­less peo­ple (includ­ing me) to trance and house, cre­at­ing sev­eral clas­sics along the way.

I thought it would be fun to share what I feel to be some of his best work (one song from each album), start­ing from the top and work­ing our way back in time.

Face To Face (feat. Stanfour)

Con­tact (2014). Dig­ging that guitar!

Move On (feat. JanSoon)

Dis­tant Earth (2011). Good buildup to 1:04.

Behind (pres. Flanders)

Future Mem­o­ries (2009). The raspy vocals from Flan­ders make this.

Feel Alive

Tril­ogy (2007). One of those bois­ter­ous songs. More gui­tar too!


No Silence (2004).  Good song to lis­ten to while dri­ving fast down a dirt road in the mid­dle of nowhere.

I Don’t Wanna Stop

Addicted to Music (2003). Clas­sic ATB sound and drums.

You’re Not Alone

Ded­i­cated (2002). More clas­sic ATB melodies.

Let You Go

Two Worlds (2000). Besides 9PM, this is a sig­na­ture track.

9PM (Till I Come)

Movin’ Melodies (1999). Old school but timeless!

PSA: Spam emails are currently spoofing my domain

If you hap­pen to be vis­it­ing to inves­ti­gate why spam is com­ing from this domain, please don’t be angry with me! This domain was unluck­ily selected by some shady spam­mers to be used to send spam. No actual spam is com­ing from this web­server nor the servers that my MX records point to.

The only rea­son I know about this is because I have a catchall email that receives all of the fail­ure bounce­backs. The emails look to be ran­domly for­mu­lated with real­is­tic names. So for exam­ple, I’ve seen [email protected] and [email protected] bounce back today.

Hope­fully the spam will end soon and they’ll use some­one else. I sure feel bad since there doesn’t seem to be any­thing I can do to stop it. SMTP head­ers are extremely easy to spoof for nefar­i­ous pur­poses. Always be weary when you notice an unusual email from a party try­ing to get you to do something.

Why Battlefield 3 > Modern Warfare 3

This is me speak­ing as some­one who played the Bat­tle­field 3 alpha and beta tri­als, in addi­tion to own­ing all of the pre­vi­ous Call of Duty games on the PC. This may read as a bit of a rant but I’ll try to stick to lay­ing down the facts. I could go on for para­graphs, but let’s keep this brief.

  • Price. I was able to get BF3 for $42 USD on Ama­zon (you can still get it for ~$50 USD), com­pared to $60 USD for MW3.
  • Con­tent. Bat­tle­field will ship with more maps than MW3. Not tiny maps, mind you… MASSIVE, SPRAWLING landscapes.
  • Destruc­tion. Dynamic cover is some­thing you come to appre­ci­ate, and the Call of Duty series is igno­rant of this.
  • Redun­dancy. Mod­ern War­fare 3 is essen­tially the same game its pre­de­ces­sors have been. Watch­ing game­play shows a bla­tant dis­re­gard for innovation.
  • Armour. Heli­copters, jets, tanks, quads, humvees, light armour, and other vehi­cles add so much more fun to game­play in Bat­tle­field 3!
  • Scale. Bat­tle­field 3 runs up to 64 play­ers while the “other” game is only bal­anced for 18.
  • DLC. I was really irked that Activi­sion con­tin­ued to charge $15 for map DLC. If you decided to buy Black Ops plus all of its DLC, you would have spent $120. Not a great investment.
  • Pres­tig­ing. I’ve never pres­tiged in Call of Duty and never con­sid­ered it to be worth­while action. Not only do the costs vastly out­weigh the gains, but it’s an obvi­ous attempt at player reten­tion. They try to push you to keep play­ing (one more pres­tige, one more pres­tige, etc.).
  • Com­mu­nity. From what I’ve expe­ri­enced in both games, Bat­tle­field has a much more… “mature” com­mu­nity. Guys that can actu­ally make ratio­nal deci­sions regard­ing objec­tives… not to men­tion intel­li­gent con­ver­sa­tion. I’ve never met an unpleas­ant per­son in Bad Com­pany 2 — can’t say the same for Mod­ern War­fare 2. That game is sat­u­rated with mic-spamming tweens.
  • Evo­lu­tion. Cor­rect me if I’m wrong, but MW3 is still using an older ver­sion of the IW engine that dates back a few years? Yeah, Frost­bite 2 is leaps ahead.
  • Team-play. Even though you can play as a lone wolf in BF3, you’re dras­ti­cally sti­fled in your suc­cess. How­ever, if you play in a squad and move as a team… you’ll get those “Bat­tle­field moments”, where you become lucid to the fact that you and your friends are mov­ing as one in syn­chrony. It’s hard to explain, but it def­i­nitely kills any monot­ony and gives you a bit of  a rush. Sounds silly but trust me.

To close, here are just two Bat­tle­field 3 videos you should watch if you’re on the fence. This game is far supe­rior to Mod­ern War­fare 3. If you do hap­pen to get BF3, let me know and we’ll drop in as a squad! Con­tinue read­ing

Songs of the Moment — Week of Oct. 16

Let’s bring some class this week. All of these come from the excel­lent Hôtel Costes com­pi­la­tion albums.

1. Morten Varano — Dead End Street (Trentemøller remix)

Gets inter­est­ing around 0:00.

2. Karuan — Choco­late Distance

Gets inter­est­ing around 1:18.

3. Ralph Myerz — Think Twice

Gets inter­est­ing around 0:48.

4. Gotan Project — Last Tango In Paris

Gets inter­est­ing around 0:00.

5. Dublex Inc. — The Game

Gets inter­est­ing around 0:00. Just dis­re­gard the pic­ture…